Reduce GRG

Reduce-GRG is a docker image with mathematical packages to make theoretical physics calculation (General Relativity and some post-Einstein theories). You can find it on my dockerhub page here mrfroll/reduce-grg It consist of

  • REDUCE system for general mathematics calculation;
  • GRG 3.2 for calculation with physics abstractions in exterior form formalism.

I believe that this image make life a little easier. To run container on you computer you have to have only docker. Then you will get all advantages of isolation with it. You don't need to have any specific environment to run REDUCE with GRG.

To run REDUCE just execute in command-line to run v0.1 of reduce-grg

docker run --rm -ti mrfroll/reduce-grg:v0.1 redpsl

Any way, you still can install REDUCE and GRG manually. Just check this page for further instructions Reduce and GRG Installations on Ubuntu.

I would be appreciate for any contribution and comments related to this post. Dockerfile and all other source code are available on my github page MrFroll/reduce-grg.

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