Reduce GRG

Reduce-GRG is a docker image with mathematical packages to make theoretical physics calculation (General Relativity and some post-Einstein theories). You can find it on my dockerhub page here mrfroll/reduce-grg It consist of REDUCE system for general mathematics calculation; GRG 3.2 for calculation with physics abstractions in exterior form formalism. I believe that this image make life a little easier. To run container on you computer you have to have only docker.

Reduce and GRG Installations on Ubuntu

GRG is the computer algebra system witch was designed to make calculation in differential geometry and field theory as simple and natural as possible. It’s is based on the computer algebra system REDUCE. Despite the fact that this program was the creation in the nineties at the present time it remains relevant. Unfortunately you can’t find it in standard repositories of Ubuntu or other popular Linux distributives. But you can install it from sources without any problems.